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Grenselandet is an international short larp festival in Oslo. Here, you can experience short and intense larps from Norway, Belarus and Europe. Get ready for short and intense roleplaying!

About Grenselandet

Grenselandet, Oslo international short larp festival, takes place at Chateau Neuf in Oslo, octover 28th and 29th. We´ll play one group of larps on friday from 17 to 21, and two groups of larps on saturday. During the lunch we´ll host a short seminar programme on the use of larp as a method, and the event will be concluded with a party saturday night.

The programme is now ready and we are proud to present the finalist candidates of the Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge and some exciting new games from the Nordic countries, Poland and Slovakia! There´ll be at least one game played in english available at all times at the festival.

We hereby invite old and new larpers, norwegians and foreigners, young and old people to an accessible larp festival. The festival is free of charge and it´s possible to take part only in some of the larps. Signup for each game in advance is possible, but not necessary. We hope to see you there!


The larps


ByLauri Lukka (FI)
Played inEnglish
Beginner friendly

A rock band in crisis the hour before they enter stage.

Prelude is a freeform role-playing game about physical and psychological exhaustion. The game sets itself to a backstage where a successful band on tour are having a pre-show meeting. The game emphasizes relationships, dramatic conflict and character immersion.

Chase the wolf away

ByDominika Kováčová (SK)
Played inEnglish

An emotional game about family relations and the impact of authoritarian rule.

The game is about a mother and her two sons in cold-war-era Czechoslovakia. One of the sons fled to the US a few years ago, and the family has not had any contact since. The larp takes place a few days before Christmas, when the lost son is returning home, seeing his family for the first time in years.

Sista paret ut

BySofia Nordin, Jonas Barkå, Elli Åhlvik and Fredrik Von Post m.fl (SWE)
Played inScandinavian
Players10 - 26

A game about government-initiated dating for singles in a future Scandinavian country with an extremist welfare state.

Despite government-run activities where young people can meet, the characters of this game have failed to get themselves a partner and start a family. Inevitably, the letter from the Public relationship-office arrives. Participation is volountary, but failure to do so will indeed imply soft sanctions, and the dates are already entered into you electronic planner. In the first act the players will be matched to couples, while the second and the third act is about how the couples develop.

Growing up

ByAnna Westerling (SWE)
Played inScandinavian
Beginner friendly

A game of love based on Jane Austen.

This scenario is about how to behave when you fall in love. When to call, when to forgive, when to wait patiently and when to realise the person isn’t that into you. What is this thing called love and how do you act, according to your sense or sensibility?


ByTim Slumstrup Nielsen (DK)
Played inScandinavian

A game about four danes and their miserable attemts on keeping the family together.

An ordinary Danish family have met annually every easter. In this game we follow the family from year to year, repeating the traditions, trying not to ruin the evening with bringing up the difficult issues. At any cost.

Mountains of Madness

ByKuba Tabisz & Bartek Zioło (PL)
Played inEnglish
PlayersUp to 23

A small aircraft flew from Panama to Santiago de Chile. Something terrible happened when it passed over the mountains and the plane crash-landed with more than 20 passengers on board. Trapped under tons of snow and ice, scared survivors hide from a great snow storm in the wreck of the plane. Finally, after several days of white inferno, survivors can crawl out. They are in the middle of nowhere and short on supplies of food and hope.

There is but one way to survive – to eat one of the survivors. Will you find yourself in the mountains of madness?

1942 – The Police

ByCandidate 4* (BY)
Played inEnglish
Players5 – 12

During the second world war, the Germans created police units consisting of locals from the occupied countries to collect food from the locals, conduct simple police duties and execute punishments to those who deserved it. This larp is about the ambiguity the participants of these police units, about personal choice and responsibility in extreme circumstances.

During a short and intensive larp, the players will experience some of the choices these unfortunate individuals had to face.

* This game is part of The Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge, where authors are anonymous. This run of the game is a part of the playtesting of the games before the final winner is chosen in November and the authors announced.

The jurymen

ByCandidate 7* (BY)
Played inEnglish
Players9 – 20

The Jurymen is a game of decisions. The players are distributed in different groups, passing their judgements on different criminal acts. All characters will be given different viewpoints, and the groups that makes the judgements will change during the game. What does it mean to be the black sheep in the family or to be in the minority. How to stand up for your position?

* This game is part of The Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge, where authors are anonymous. This run of the game is a part of the playtesting of the games before the final winner is chosen in November and the authors announced.

Finding Guilty

ByCandidate 5* (BY)
Played inEnglish
PlayersUp to 18

In Finding Guilty, you´ll find yourself at a fashionable party. However, the hostess soon discovers her family heirloom, a valuable brooch, has been stolen, and one of the guests must have stolen it. Who can it be, and more important, who will you accuse?

Finding guilty is a game of stereotypes and having them challenged.

* This game is part of The Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge, where authors are anonymous. This run of the game is a part of the playtesting of the games before the final winner is chosen in November and the authors announced.

What happened at Lanzarote…

ByEirik Fatland, Elin Nielsen and Aslak Tirera (N)
Played inScandinavian
Beginner friendly

A group of neighbours from Oslo went for a charter tour to Lanzarote. The larp is about their re-union, two days after returning home to same, old Oslo.

But is everything really the same? What actually happened at Lanzarote? Why was Mr. Hansen and Ms. Jensen gone for a whole day? Did the teenagers really stay away from drinking like they promised to? Why has old Mr. Edvardsen been looking so grim since they returned? They say that "What happens at Lanzarote, stays at Lanzarote". Today´s barbecue party will show whether that´s true…

What happened at Lanzarote is a easy-to-play farce about a trip where everything could - and did - happen.

Fallen stars

ByMagnar Grønvik Müller, Vilde Herning, Martin Nielsen
Played inScandinavian
Beginner friendly

About old things facing an uncertain future at a flea market

In this game you can play the soul of an old teddy bear, tea pot, jewellery box or any other thing that was once somebody's precious belonging, but that since has been discarded and given to the flea market. The old things linger about their glory past and worry about their uncertain future. Everybody knows that things that are not sold sooner or later en up in the dreaded "container". "Meta"-scenes ("flashbacks") from the past make up a large part of the game, where the player of the thing dreaming back act as a storyteller and the remaining players act different characters that are present in the scene.


Time: friday 28. & saturday 29. October 2011
Place: Chateau Neuf, Majortstuen, Oslo





Martin Eckhoff Andresen

Trine Lise Lindahl

Martin Nielsen